Falls Manor Lunch & Dinner


Garlic bread
5 pieces served in a pan. 7.69
With cheese 8.99

Served with lemon, garlic toast, cheese & mushrooms. 8.69

Served with fried onions, bacon and sour cream. 12.69

Incredible Edibles
Battered mixed vegetables. 8.69

Jalapeño Cheese Poppers
Served crispy. 8.59

Mozzarella Sticks
Fried golden with gooey cheese. 8.59

Onions Rings
Beer battered and fried golden and crisp. 6.29

Breaded Shrimps
Deep fried golden brown. 10.79

Soups & Salads

Caesar Teaser
Romaine, bacon bits, croutons and Caesar dressing.
Small 7.29 | Large 9.99
Chicken Caesar 12.49

Garden Salad

Chef Salad

Chicken Chef Salad

Julienne Salad
Ham, provolone cheese, etc.

Soup of the Day
Please ask your server for what
is currently simmering.
Bowl 5.29 | Cup 3.49

French Onion Soup 5.49

Home made in house Chili
Nice and spicy and serve with toast. 9.79
With cheese and sautéed onions. 10.79

Chili & Fettuccine with cheese 13.29

Soup `N Sandwich Combo`s

Served with a cup of soup or chili, fried or small chef or Caesar salad. Served until 3:00pm

Half a club

Half a reuben

Half a chicken salad

Half a grilled cheese

Soup ‘n Salad
Your choice of a cup of soup or
chili and a chef or Caesar salad. 10.29

Super Subs & Open Face Hot Sandwiches

Served with choice of 1 side.

Hungarian Sausage or Philly Beef Sub
Smothered with mushrooms, onions,
peppers & provolone cheese. 13.79

Canadian Bacon Sub
Peameal bacon, mushrooms,
provolone cheese, lettuce & tomato. 13.79

Hot Beef Sandwich

Hot Hamburger Sandwich
Beef burger topped with gravy.


Sandwiches served with choice of fries, broasted potatoes, rice, baked beans or coleslaw.
Sub cottage cheese or small chef salad or Caesar salad add 2.00

Canadian Mushroom – Eh?
Peameal bacon strips smothered with
mushrooms & melted provolone cheese. 11.59

Chicken Caesar Wrap
Sauté chicken, with romaine
lettuce in a flour tortilla. 12.29

Grilled Vegetables Wrap
Assorted veggies, feta cheese, Italian dressing. 11.59

Hungarian Sausage Ciabatta
Fried onions, peppers & mushrooms
drenched in provolone cheese. 13.19

Grilled Chicken Ciabatta
Peppers, onions & mushrooms with
melted provolone cheese. 13.19

Chicken – Bacon – Cheddar
Grilled chicken topped with bacon &
cheddar cheese served on a bun. 13.19

Falls Manor Club
Sliced turkey, cheese,
Canadian bacon, lettuce &
tomato. 13.19

Open Face Reuben
On rye bread, sauerkraut, corned
beef & provolone cheese. 12.09

Hot Corned Beef

Grilled Cheese
With cheddar & provolone. 8.79

Bacon, lettuce & tomato. 8.79

Chicken Salad Sandwich 8.79

Fish ‘n Cheeser
Battered fish fillet topped with cheddar cheese. 8.79

Deli Turkey Sandwich
Western Eggcitement
2 Eggs, ham, onions & peppers on toast. 8.79


Burgers served with choice of fries, broasted potatoes, rice, baked beans or coleslaw.
Substitute cottage cheese or small chef salad or Caesar salad add 2.00

Bison Burger 16.99

Hungarian Sausage Burger
Home made in house 100% pure pork, provolone cheese with lettuce, tomato & onions. 13.79

The Pepper Burger
Fried onions, peppers & mushrooms drenched with melted provolone cheese. 15.39

Bacon Mushroom Cheddar 14.29

Beef Burger 12.09

Cheeseburger 12.69

Hot Dog 9.89

Broasted Chicken

All white meat 3.00 extra
Choice of 2 sides

The Homesteader
3 pieces of broasted chicken. 14.99

The Platter
4 pieces of broasted chicken. 15.99

Broaster Snack
2 pieces of broasted chicken. 13.19

Broasted Chicken Wing Dinner
4 pieces tossed in your choice of mild,
medium, hot, honey garlic or naked. 13.19

Chicken & Shrimp
2 pieces of broasted chicken and 3
shrimps with choice of 2 sides. 17.59

Wing Dingers Whole
Broasted chicken wings tossed in your
choice of mild, medium, hot or honey garlic
sauce. Served with celery & blue cheese.
5 Pieces 14.99
10 pieces 21.99

Breaded Tenderloin Chicken Fingers
Served with plum sauce & 2 sides. 14.99

Chicken Delight
2 pieces of broasted
chicken and chef or
Caesar salad. 14.29

4 Wings ‘N Caesar 14.29

Side choices:
Broasted potatoes
French fries
Country mashed potatoes
Baked beans
Vegetable of the day
Creamy coleslaw
Cottage cheese
Apple sauce
Caesar salad
Chef salad

Kettle Cooked BBQ Ribs

Choice of 2 sides

Kettle Cooked Back Ribs
Served with barbecue sauce.
Full rack  26.39 or ½ rack 17.59

Chicken ‘N Ribs
2 Pieces of broasted chicken
and a half rack of ribs. 20.89

Ribs ‘N Wings
3 whole wings and a half rack of ribs. 20.89

Chicken Cordon Bleu
Chicken fillet stuffed
with ham, mushrooms
and provolone cheese. 17.59

Chicken ‘N Mushrooms
2 breasts of chicken fillets with
mushrooms and provolone cheese. 18.69

Side choices:
Broasted potatoes
French fries
Country mashed potatoes
Baked beans
Vegetable of the day
Creamy coleslaw
Cottage cheese
Apple sauce
Caesar salad
Chef salad

Farm & Sea

Entrées include your choice of 2 sides

New York Sirloin
8 oz of tender sirloin grilled to your
liking, topped with mushrooms. 19.79

Pork Chop Dinner
1 thick chop grilled to perfection and
served with applesauce. 14.29
Add a second chop for only 3.00

Pepper Steak
Our New York smothered with fried onions,
peppers and mushrooms then saturated
with melted provolone cheese. 20.89

Such a Deal
Escargot or French onion soup, 8oz. Sirloin
steak, 3 breaded shrimp, potato & mushrooms. 27.49

Home Made in House Hungarian Sausage Steak
Made right here from 100% pure pork with a
unique blend of herbs and spices. Smothered
with fried peppers, onions and mushrooms
then saturated with provolone cheese. 16.49

Baby Beef Liver
A Manor favourite!
Served with
fried onions and
bacon strip.
1 pieces 13.19
2 piece 15.39

Veal Schnitzel
Smothered with
pasta sauce,
peppers, onions and
mushrooms. 18.69

Fish Fry
Freshly battered or breaded, served with
tartar sauce and a lemon wedge.
1 piece 13.19 | 2 pieces 14.29

Grilled Fillet of Sole
Plain or breaded with lemon wedge. 15.99

Pasta Dishes

Served with garlic bread

Fettuccine or Penne
Served with pasta sauce. 15.39
Add Hungarian sausage 17.59
Add a chicken fillet 17.59

Veal Parmigiana
Served with your choice of fettuccine or
penne topped with home-made pasta sauce
parmesan & provolone cheese. 18.69

Chicken Parmigiana
Breast of chicken fillet topped with pasta
sauce and provolone cheese. Served with your
choice of fettuccine or penne pasta topped
with home-made pasta sauce. 18.69

Healthy Alternatives

Grilled Salmon
Served with 2 sides. 19.29

Veggie Burger
Tasty combination of veggies topped with lettuce
& tomato. Served with one side. 12.69

BBQ Chicken
2 Boneless chicken breast grilled to perfection and
served with BBQ sauce and 2 sides. 19.79

Bison Burger
The leanest burger around, served with lettuce &
tomato. Served on a bun with choice of side. 16.99
Bison meat is incredibly healthy. It has 1/3 the fat
and less cholesterol than skinless chicken!

Chicken Stir Fry
Chicken strips and seasoned vegetables sautéed
in our secret sauce. Served over a bed of rice. 17.59

Specials for Persons Over 60

Served with choice of 2 sides

Sr. Broasted Chicken
2 piece 12.69 | 3 piece 14.29

Sr. Baby Liver
1 pieces of liver with fried onions. 12.69

Sr. Fish Fry
1 pieces of fish battered or grilled. 12.69

Sr. Chicken Fingers
Served with plum sauce. 14.29

Sr. Fettuccine
Served with pasta sauce. 14.29

Just for the Kids

12 years and under
Small beverage included

Chicken Lick’n
1 piece of broasted chicken & French fries. 9.39

Chicken nuggets with French fries. 9.39

Jr. Fish Plate
1 piece of fish & French fries. 9.39

Soup ‘N Sandwich
Cup of soup and ½ grilled cheese sandwich. 9.39

Jr. Fettuccine 8.79

Hot Dog
Served on a bun with French fries. 9.39

Jr. Burger
Served on a bun with French fries. 9.39

Additional Sides

Broasted Potatoes, home fries or
French fries.
Small 3.89 | Large 6.09
Mashed potatoes 2.59
Gravy 1.09

Baked beans 2.59
Cup of soup 3.49
Cole slaw 2.19
Cottage cheese 2.59

Apple sauce 1.89
Peaches (canned) 2.99
Fresh seasonal berries 4.39


Pina Colada Jr.
Orange juice, pineapple & cream. 4.39

Sling Mocktail
Lemon juice, orange juice, grenadine & soda. 4.39

Kiddy Cocktail
7up & grenadine. 4.39


Canadian House Wines
Sawmill Creek dry white wine (1)
Sawmill Creek Chardonnay (0)
Sawmill Creek Merlot (0)
Peller Estates Vineyard Blush
Glass 6.09 | ½ Litre 17.59 | 750M 27.49

Relf Estate Wines

Imported House Wines
Montepulciano D’Abruzzo Red & White
Glass 6.59 | ½ litre 18.69 | 750M 31.89

Beer & Coolers

Ask your server about our beer selections.

Domestic bottles

Imported Bottles

Small (10oz.) 4.29 | Large (15oz.) 5.89

Mikes Hard Lemonade

Smirnoff Ice

Spirits, Cocktails & Liquers

1oz Mixed drinks, Cocktails and liqueurs.

Bloody Caesar, Martini, Margarita, Pina Colada,
Screwdriver, Manhattan, Black Russian.

* A server will provide you with a full
selection at your request.

Specialty Coffees


Irish Coffee
Irish whiskey, Irish Mist & coffee. 7.19

Spanish Coffee
Brandy, Dark Crème de Cacao & coffee. 7.19

Coffee Royale
Brandy, Grand Marnier, Kahula & coffee. 8.29


Gourmet Pies
Apple • Strawberry Rhubarb • Pecan
• Lemon Merigue • Coconut Creme
Your Choice for 4.39
Add vanilla ice cream or cheese for only 1.69

Waffle for Two
Topped with strawberries, ice cream and
whipped cream 13.19

Falls Manor Sundae
Vanilla ice cream topped with your choice of
strawberry, butterscotch or chocolate syrop.
Whip cream and a cherry on top.
Sm. 4.39 | Lg. 5.29

Raisin Butter Tarts

Ice Cream
Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate 3.79